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In search of mental clarity and purpose

We live in a beautiful world, and in a very unique period of time. I truly believe that, but sometimes the world can give us too much too often, to an extent it starts to feel overwhelming, making our vision cloudy. It starts to feel like I’m moving in autopilot, beware of all senses of self-control.

My focus: clarity of mind and finding the apex purpose.

What I am trying to do is far from “great” or “revolutionary” but I also do not think it needs to be. A lot has happened in the past two years that made me rethink my approach towards life (as many of us do,) I started feeling a gap between the things that used to bring joy and happiness in life and what society was selling me. What I’m doing is right or wrong? Is there a bigger picture beyond my sight, I’m drawn in the world of self-improvement and seeking the answers for my questions through live experiences and what I come across with? What I’m offering here is not a one-stop solution to all the problems, but a journey, and experience to take part in, to live life with more purpose and in-depth.

We live in an ever-changing life, that crowns productivity and hustle more than the actual meaning of life. I am exploring habits, tools, and cultures that will help me in leading a more meaningful life, a purpose-filled life with a clear mind.



Hi! Karan this side,

Thanks to a very strange set of life events, that is almost happening everywhere at the same time, pushed me here. It’s strange, I know and even I can’t explain it.

My interest in clarity and intentionality stems from my very family background and my own life experiences. Born in a very strict Hindu family in a village, raised in a small town of Chhattisgarh, India.

I felt deeply unsatisfied with being unable to express my true feelings and intentions, which is what felt like the first push to spend as much time doing what I call becoming more humane and also exploring new places to meet new people from different backgrounds.

This gives me the chance to learn the history and life experiences of the people and places I’m living in, which I find extremely enjoyable and satisfying.

A major motivation for putting together this platform is to break down the current way to express oneself in the digital medium of today’s society and to communicate with as many people as I can, like you!

All this together comes to one of the two goals, which is to find mental clarity and purpose in life. I hope what I put out there can be of personal benefit to you!



Dehra dun, Uttarakhand, India, 248001



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