How to make yourself miserable for the rest of your life in 7 easy steps

There are thousands of articles, podcasts, worksheets, old manuscripts and what now about living the best of your life, where they teach you tips, tricks, habits, routines, etc. to maximize your productivity and to live your dream life. But this is not that type of blog. Here, I will explain some simple tricks and tips that will help you lead a miserable life.

Inspired by Joey Schweitzer's latest video article called "How to be miserable for the rest of your life" on YouTube Channel "Better Ideas." and my records of personal journaling about my failures and their effects on my life, I'll explain how to make your life miserable with ease. It's super-efficient, trust me.

Step 1: Do not follow a routine

It is very important to not follow a routine and wake up anytime you want to. Make sure to wake up when everyone has already started their day and you start to feel that you have already lost. Make sure not to have your day planned so that whatever task comes to you, you start to either delegate to your future self or panic until it is somehow finished or no longer necessary.

Step 2: Un-organize your life

Make sure that you place any item of yours at any place in your house. Each room of yours has a specific purpose, you wanna make sure that it's extremely difficult to accomplish those purposes. This situation will help you subconsciously reinforce the idea that you're an unorganized person whose life is not in order.

Step 3: Wait for opportunities

Never be proactive with finding new opportunities to grow your career or meet new people. Wait for all that to come knocking at your door. Your dream job, your dream car, dream relationships will automatically arrive in your life and somehow will work perfectly. The important thing is to not take action.

Step 4: Be default "No"

When a friend asks you to go out for a drink, just say no. After all, you're super busy these days and have a lot of work to do. Try to find excuses to slink out of action. The key here is to give everyone a false impression that they should just let you do your thing. Be so good in saying no that people just stop asking you to do anything.

Step 5: Never fix things that you dislike about yourself

Believe in the concept that you're right and everyone else is wrong. Continue to engage in activities that degrade yourself and make you feel subhuman and weak. Never move out of your comfort zone. Subscribe to the idea that you're made perfect and people cannot change from their current self.

Step 6: Use fear as a motivation

Make sure that you do not think for the long term and always be in a rush of completing things. Make the fear of negative consequences your primary motivator, rather than growth being the primary one. Use white-knuckle tactics to force yourself into productivity and remind yourself that your entire life can fall at any time if you stop working.

Step 7: The most important thing, Procrastinate

When any task is assigned to you, delegate that to your future self where he has an infinite amount of productivity and time to complete so or do not even engage in the task at all. Drive yourself crazy with anxiety. After you woke up, do not take a shower and just jump into your old clothes. You wanna get a hang of this habit where your life problems aren't your problems but your future self's problem.

To get very unhappy, very fast, we can spend our lives being bored and frustrated with our lives. This is how we train ourselves to not grow and stay miserable for life. Immersing yourself in bad influences will make you miserable and ruin any creative spark you might have because you'll eventually start to feel like everything is dumb.

The above points were some outline guides by which you can make your life miserable. If you have read the blog and cam this far, would you mind subscribing to the newsletter? Thanks for the read.

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